Document Shredding Company: How It Adds to Information Security

If you work in a company that handles a lot of paperwork from clients, customers & business partners, chances are that you might throw the paperwork away. But from all those papers that are thrown into the dustbin, a lot of them are not handled appropriately and they probably include confidential statements, identity information, etc.So how do you keep all the information secured & avoid identity theft?With the help of a Document Shredding Company, you might be able to secure the privacy of your customers, business partners etc. The services offered by a document shredding company will not only ensure information security but also ensure environmental safety, because of recycling.

Even though we are in the digital era now, there is still the need for paperwork whether it is record processing, hospital bills, identification forms, applications etc. And a majority of these include vital information that, if left unprotected, can be misused. For these reasons, it is much safer these days to opt for the services of a Document Shredding Company.Here are some examples of documents that need to be destroyed-

Legal Signatures

Patient Information

Cancelled Checks

Accounting Records

Financial Reports

Credit Cards

Shipping Information etc.

And if you are wondering why you should get your documents destroyed, many regulations in the United States have made it very much compulsory for various organizations & institutions to destroy the confidential papers to protect privacy & security.Types of Shredding services-So, what are the options for shredding? Following are the types of services a Document Shredding Company provides-

Mobile Or On-site


Let’s take a look at each of them-

Mobile or On-site Shredding- When you have a lot of documents or you need them to be destroyed at your site in front of you, Mobile Shredding becomes very useful. In this service, a truck that has shredding machine attached to it pulls up at your location, your paper containers are dumped into the machine & then the machine is put to work in front of you. There is no chance for any security breach as you see all the documents being destroyed up front.

Off-site Shredding- Here, usually you are the one who will carry all the papers to the service provider’s location where the documents are shredded there.

A Shredder is aware of all the security & privacy concern of businesses, and provides services that are beneficial for you considering the cost & time.